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by Brenda L. Yoder and Jill Savage

Timeless wisdom for a simpler life 

Do you feel trapped in a chaotic, relentless, demanding lifestyle? Discover the secrets to the peaceful, compelling life you long for through the skills honed by our grandmothers and lived out by the Amish. Drink from this well of timeless wisdom and gain practical skills with a counselor, career woman, and busy mom who’s raised her family on a farm in the heart of Amish and Mennonite country as your guide.  

In this new book from the author of Fledge: Launching Your Kids without Losing Your Mind, Brenda L. Yoder equips women with 10 timeless lessons drawn from past generations to overcome practical obstacles and solve daily challenges with a calm presence, authentic faith, and voice of reason. No matter where you live or what season of life you’re in, you can find inspiration from the simpler life. 










Chapter 1: Barnyard Therapy

Chapter 2: Cows Must Be Milked: Resourcefulness

Chapter 3: As Good as It Gets: Contentment

Chapter 4: Don’t Freak Out: Forbearance and Equanimity

Chapter 5: Hip to Be Square: Prudence

Chapter 6: Good Old-Fashioned Common Sense: Practicality

Chapter 7: Yonder on the Horizon: Foresight

Chapter 8: God Made a Farmer: Interdependence on People, God, and Nature

Chapter 9: The Circle of Life: Caretaking of Life, Animals, and Creation

Chapter 10: Just Show Up: Fidelity.  

Chapter 11: Let Me Serve You: On Being Grounded and Humble

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