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Expecting Emmanuel Digital Worship Resources

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Expecting Emmanuel Digital Worship Resources

by Joanna Harader and Michelle Burkholder

Journey through Advent and Christmas with the women of Jesus’ family line.

This downloadable PDF includes the original artwork by Michelle Burkholder and blessings by Joanna Harader that appear in Expecting Emmanuel, © 2022 by Joanna Harader. The images and blessings included in this resource could be reproduced in worship bulletins, displayed during church services throughout Advent and Christmas, or photocopied to be passed out in a small group or retreat setting—for just a few examples.

Distributed by Herald Press, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22803. All rights reserved. 

Purchase of this resource grants the purchaser permission to display and make copies of the images and texts for use in personal and ministry settings.

​Original artwork by Michelle Burkholder

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