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The Cherished Table

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The Cherished Table

by Lovina Eicher

Gather around the table with an Old Order Amish family

Bestselling cookbook author and food columnist Lovina Eicher shares well-loved recipes and heartwarming stories about life with her growing Amish family and community. Learn more about traditions and treasured dishes for gatherings large and small, including canning and butchering days, birthdays and weddings, and funerals and family reunions. More than one hundred delectable recipes invite cooks to share a meal—and create new memories—with their own loved ones.

The Cherished Table welcomes readers with beautiful photographs of comforting, wholesome dishes and life in an Amish home. Fans of Eicher’s earlier cookbooks will find new recipes in chapters devoted to breads and other baked goods, garden produce, farm-raised meats, carry-in dishes, snacks, desserts, and more. Throughout the chapters, Eicher weaves in stories about the seasons of family life. Join her as she plans simple menus for busy workdays, prepares a meal for parents with a new baby, and tallies lessons from earlier family weddings as she anticipates another round of marriage celebrations. While you may not be cooking for five hundred dinner guests, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to share as you gather with family and friends.

Be encouraged by a community that cherishes family, faith, and fellowship around a shared table.









  1. Starting Out: Eggs and Other Breakfast Dishes 

  1. Baking Grains: Biscuits, Breads, and Muffins 

  1. Gathering the Garden: Salads and Vegetable-Forward Sides 

  1. Putting Food By: Sauces, Spreads, Pickles, and Preserves 

  1. Harvesting Field and Forest: Meat, Poultry, Fish, and Foraged Foods 

  1. Sharing with Others: Potluck Items and Other Carry-In Dishes 

  1. Savoring a Moment: Cookies, Snacks, and Treats 

  1. Celebrating Something Sweet: Cakes, Pies, and Other Desserts 

  1. Welcoming Children: Dishes for Young Cooks 

  1. Feeding a Crowd: Recipes for Weddings and Family Gatherings 



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