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Tending Tomorrow

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Tending Tomorrow

by Leah Reesor-Keller and John Paul Lederach

The future is uncertain. But flourishing doesn’t have to be. 

We know without a doubt the power of humans to change the earth in lasting ways. Climate change is not a niche issue: it is the unfolding story of our embodied lives. As we join in with the groaning of creation, we wonder, How will we and coming generations make our home in an inhospitable future? 

In the face of environmental and social upheaval, Tending Tomorrow lays out a path for Christians worried about our collective future and seeking courage and inspiration for the journey ahead. Drawing on metaphors from the natural world, author Leah Reesor-Keller offers foundational, transformative practices for leaders and communities to foster healthier cultures during a time of ecological devastation. When we dig into the roots of faith and culture, and envision new interactions and patterns, we plant seeds of change. Seeds that ignite courageous imagination. Seeds that repair injustice. Seeds that nurture a tomorrow where possibilities bloom and people and planet flourish.  

Like mycorrhizal networks of fungi in a forest, we can build nourishing webs of connection to sustain ourselves and future generations. As we bravely and humbly cultivate healing and reconciliation, good, liberating, and flourishing things will emerge. 











1 Redreaming at the Roots

2 Retelling Family and Spiritual Ancestry Stories
3 Retelling Creation Stories

4 Renewing Our Hope and Transforming Despair

5 Reimagining Leadership
6 Reimagining Community
7 Reimagining Accountability and Repairing Harm
8 Reimagining Church as Movement

Rewilding and Planting Seeds for Tomorrow

Epilogue: Dear Ava
Questions for Discussion
The Author

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