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Upside Down Living

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Upside Down Living

by Leonard Dow

Every day we face decisions that impact our wallets—and these decisions say a lot about our priorities. The way we use money can communicate power and strength, charity and selflessness. How does your use of money reflect or expand your faith? This study takes an honest look at financial choices and how we can view them through a lens of faith.

Weary of Christian faith wrapped in a flag and trapped in your heart? Tired of faith as usual? Live out your Christian faith through the lens of Jesus. Follow values that seem so counter-cultural they appear to be upside down. Each compelling six-session Upside-Down Living Bible study helps us encounter the teachings of Jesus and wrestle with living out the kingdom here and now. The Bible isn’t a cookbook with solutions for every ethical dilemma, but it helps us raise the right questions, encounter the teachings of Jesus, and discover new ways of faithful living in the world. Ideal for Sunday school or Bible study sessions, each topical study covers a specific theme or issue, and comes with thought-provoking discussion questions and activities. Be inspired and transformed in your faith. Live upside down.

Topics in the series include: Sabbath (February 2017), Technology (February 2017), Identity and Aging (April 2017), Money (April 2017), Violence (June 2017), and Sharing Faith Stories (June 2017).


1. God’s Gift of Jubilee

2. Extending the Vision

3. Jesus, Justice, and Jubilee

4. Moving from Thinking to Doing

5. Transactions or Transformation?

6. Creating Space for Jubilee

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