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Way of the Cross in Human Relations

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Way of the Cross in Human Relations

by Guy Franklin Hershberger

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In this classic book, Guy F. Hershberger examines one of the most challenging aspects of human relations—how people relate to each other, and the responsibility we have toward others.

In the book Hershberger critically examines the theology and practice of the medieval church and the Reformers, the Anabaptists, social gospel advocates, social action groups and fundamentalists, along with a look at business, labor, and race relations, the ethics of various professions, the responsibility of the state and the role of community, family, and individuals. All are brought under the searchlight of Christian discipleship.

Through it all Hershberger concludes that the way of the cross applies to the world we live in today—the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ provide sufficient power for the redemption of all humankind.

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