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Dark Night

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Dark Night

by Daniel P. Schrock

Many Christians enter a “dark night” at some point during their lives, a period when they feel abandoned by God and experience a dryness in their spiritual lives. Daniel P. Schrock demystifies this quite common phenomenon, which is often confused with depression. He roots the dark night experience in Scripture, but also explores how it can express itself in one’s vocation, marriage and family life, and even in the life of a congregation. In his unique approach, Schrock connects the dark night with Christian discipleship and God’s mission of creating shalom. The dark night functions a bit like a second conversion, he writes. It strengthens faith, deepens friendship with God, and propels believers into countercultural mission. The dark night is ultimately a gift from God.

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"This was a very interesting book. Most of us experience a dryness in our spiritual life at times, and the author helps us take a look at these dark times in light of Scripture and also helps the reader going through one of these times come out the other side. I recommend this book for those trying to understand this experience or if you know someone who is going through a hard time." ~Reviewed by MaryAnn R., Book Bargains and Previews

"Could the depression of some Christians truly be a yearning for God? The Dark Night: A Gift of God is an analysis of Christian depression and how it may not be depression, but merely believing that God has abandoned them. Speaking to Christians who feel depressed and abandoned, author Daniel P. Schrock urges readers to do what they can to find God once more and get their lives back. The Dark Night is the inspiration some Christian readers may need."
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