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Like a Mustard Seed

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Like a Mustard Seed

by Edgar Stoesz

Edgar Stoesz tells the inspiring story of the Russian, Canadian, and Mexican Mennonites who, beginning in 1927, immigrated to Paraguay and made a new homeland out of the jungle wilderness. This is a fascinating story that deserves a prominent place in the annuals of Mennonite history.

“Edgar Stoesz’s book offers an important overview of the many dimensions to the Mennonite experience in Paraguay. This book is a compendium of rich descriptions from the perspective of a first-person observer, with interesting anecdotes and case studies of church life, economic development, health care, women’s contributions, and relations with indigenous peoples.” —Marlene Epp, Conrad Grebel University College<\p>

“This book is a “must read” for anyone planning to attend the 2009 Mennonite World Conference in Paraguay—or for anyone at home who wants to know what they are missing.”—John D. Roth, Goshen College, author of Stories: How Mennonites Came to Be<\p>

“Edgar Stoesz is a fascinating story teller. He uses facts, stories, incidents, and anecdotes to make history come alive with thoroughness, sensitivity, and care.”—Erwin Boschmann, author of Paraguay: A Tour Guide<\p>




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