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Gentle Wind Of God

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Gentle Wind Of God

by Richard K. MacMaster and Donald R. Jacobs

While many Mennonite churches in mid-20th-century North America tried to maintain their spirituality through orthodoxy and prescribed behavior, missionaries they had sent to East Africa often returned home with a new vision of revival: Walk with Jesus Christ and allow nothing to disturb that relationship. Call sin sin and repent of it quickly, they proclaimed. Then enjoy the infusion of the Holy Spirit in all of life.

This book tells the story of how this movement ultimately provided Mennonites and others a way to reignite the smoldering fires of revival. Imbedded in the story is the message of God's redeeming and sanctifying power. The story describes the mystery. It is a mystery of God's grace. It is the mystery that is revealed in every authentic movement of God's Spirit in the world.




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