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When Lightning Strikes

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When Lightning Strikes

by Hugh Alan Smith

The year is 1874, and Paul Wipf is enchanted by dreams of America. But when lightning strikes, killing his parents, his dreams are shattered and buried in the ashes of sadness and guilt. How can Paul be happy, knowing it is his parents’ death that makes it possible for him to leave Russia? How can he be happy living with his sour old aunt and her group of Hutterites, whose life seems controlled more by rules than by love? How can he be happy when all he wants is what can never be—life as it used to be?

Then there is Hannah, the peculiar girl with shining brown eyes that probe straight into the darkness of his soul. Can Paul trust her with his story? And there is the adventurous journey to America— a dangerous storm at sea, encounters with thieves and gamblers, seemingly endless train rides, and a deadly dysentery epidemic.

Can Paul be saved from the bitterness he feels for God and himself? Will he abandon Hannah and the Hutterites, and run to the wild life of the American west? Only Paul can decide what will become of his life as the awesome power of God is revealed once more, when lightning strikes.

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Book 1 in "Crossings of Promise" series:Series includes:1. When Lighting Strikes (Hugh Alan Smith)2. Calm Before the Storm (Janice Dick)3. Keeper of Hearts (Dianne Christner)4. Eye of the Storm (Janice Dick)5. when the River Calls (Hugh alan Smith)6. Cost of Passage (Heather Tekavec)7. Out of the Storm (Janice Dick)




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