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Herald Press is the book publishing imprint of MennoMedia, a ministry of the Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA. Our goal is to publish books from an Anabaptist perspective that are honest in presentation, clear in thought, stimulating in content, and that lead to the spiritual growth and welfare of the reader.

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Living Thoughtfully, Dying Well

Most persons, especially as they are aging, wonder, "How will I die? Will I have a good death? Will I suffer? How will my family respond? How can we manage the dying process better?" Dr. Glen Miller emphasizes that good preparation for the inevitableóby individuals and their familiesówill ease this transitional time of high stress and high emotion.

[Ordinary Miracles]

Ordinary Miracles

Where is God in the midst of tantrums, laundry, and accidents? In this honest devotional memoir, Rachel S. Gerber gives voice to the grit of parenting with stories of hope. Overburdened parents will find reassurance of God's presence in the most mundane and ordinary days of motherhood, and in moments of exhilaration, joy, and beauty.

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